Active living and an enviable lifestyle;
communities in Gippsland boast it all


Retirement living designed to meet your lifestyle needs

Encore Living Trafalgar features a community centre designed with the utmost appreciation of modern lifestyle requirements. Whether you like to entertain, get in shape or stay fit, the centre caters to the needs of retirement living at all ends of the spectrum, charming appointments and graceful features that meet the needs of the most discerning resident.

Whether you choose to incorporate a morning or evening swim into your active living agenda, or use the dining area for regular catch-ups with friends and family, the community facilities at Encore Living Trafalgar are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding life in retirement.

Highlights include

    • Heated indoor swimming pool for year-round activity
    • Contemporary Gym with facilities designed for seniors at every level of fitness
    • Executive Kitchen capable of servicing the largest functions for family, friends and the village.
    • Lounge area for casual get-togethers
    • Dining area where friends and family can be comfortably accommodated
    • Multipurpose area

When you’re ready to live the active life you dream of, Encore Living Trafalgar has the choices that define your well-lived life.