New look retirement communities are completely changing the retirement game.

A while ago, when my father told me he and his new wife were moving into a retirement community, I’ll admit I was shocked.

Weren’t they too young? I asked. Yes, they were well over retirement age, but they were still so active. In fact, since they’d retired, it seemed as if they were always off visiting someone, having dinner parties or going on excursions. Locked in my 9 to 5 grind, their life seemed like a social whirlwind.

Fast forward to now and I’m starting to understand why they made the move.

You see, once upon a time, ‘retirement community’ conjured visions of aged care institutions, full of the infirm. But of course, they are a far cry from nursing homes and, in fact, as I fast approach my 50s, I can definitely see the appeal. Here’s why.

It takes a village.

The new look retirement communities are actually a great option for over 55s who want to enjoy an active, full retirement – particularly those that deliver a true “community” feel.

If you’re the sort of person who loves meeting and socialising with a wide range people, a retirement community can be a much more social experience than staying in the family home.

The best ones are centred around a thriving community centre offering daily cultural and recreational activities that give you plenty of opportunities to meet up with your neighbours and make fast friendships.

A ready-made community of like-minded people to connect with? I’m in!

Staying active.

As I get older, I’ve realised that an active lifestyle is even more important than when I was younger. In fact, it’s the secret to a healthier, happier life.

Today’s retirement communities are now making it easier for retirees to focus on everyday exercise by offering daily fitness activities within the facility and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Lush green walking paths, fully equipped gymnasiums (with swimming pools) and group fitness classes are the just some of the healthier lifestyle amenities retirement communities offer residents. And they’re all just a short walk away from your door.

Dad now lives a few blocks from a beautiful beach, so he’s made it a habit to go for a swim (when it’s warm) or a long walk by the water every day. Other retirement communities are generally located in areas of natural beauty, including forests, bush walking tracks or river walks ripe for exploring.

New technologies make a big difference.

Because my father is now a couple of hours away, we rely on technology to keep in touch on a daily basis. Facebook, Facetime, Skype, email – he’s mastered them all, helped by the fact his community is fully connected to fast and easy broadband services.

Add the ability to stream online content and Dad seems way more connected to the world than I am! And that’s great because it’s helping to keep his mind active as he ages.

Maintaining your independence

Today’s retirement communities feel more like residential neighbourhoods – except without the maintenance. With the latest in high-quality amenities and open lifestyle spaces to enjoy, they help retirees maintain the independent lifestyles they want now and in the future.

Designed to allow residents to age in place, individual homes and community spaces are master-planned to allow easy access to public transport and local amenities so you can be independent for longer. It’s all the comforts of home – and then some…

Living younger

People are considering retirement living a lot younger these days. Research shows the average age of those joining retirement communities is starting to come down to a youthful 55 rather than the 65 years of just a decade ago.

After seeing retirement community’s close-up, I’m now contemplating where I’d like to be in a few years’ time. Look out, Dad! I might be moving in down the road!

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