Work is quickly proceeding on the road construction for Encore Living Trafalgar, so let’s follow up on some of those local heroes who helped make last month’s sod-turning ceremony such an enjoyable and successful event – the Trafalgar Lions Club.


The Trafalgar Lions are well-loved in the community and are often to be found at the forefront of beneficial local works and events. It’s been a busy year already for the Lions, having held their annual Lions Youth of the Year Quest; catered for Trafalgar’s Australia Day ceremony – in partnership with the Trafalgar Community Development Association – (at which they served over 200 breakfasts to the, presumably ravenous, 165 attendees!); and they have also held two BBQs to benefit community projects, such as the Need for Feed convoys, a Lions initiative to assist areas affected by drought and bushfires.


With their boundless energy and goodwill, the Lions excelled again when we invited them to cater for the sod-turning ceremony at Encore Living Trafalgar.


On the day prior to the ceremony, the team from Encore Living, Freedom2go and Sure Constructions attended the site to get everything ready for the big day. However, the weather was feeling particularly fickle that day and, due to strong winds, we were unable to erect both of the gazebos. We did manage to get one gazebo set up, but couldn’t attach the sides, and, at the risk of being swept away on the wind like Mary Poppins, the effort had to be abandoned in hopes of better weather on the day.



Luckily for us, Greg Sephton, President of the Trafalgar Lions Club, and his team of Lions arrived bright and early on the morning of the ceremony and came to our rescue. In a whirlwind of bright blue and gold, they leapt into action and worked as a cohesive team to take charge of the set-up, swiftly erecting the additional gazebo and securing the sides for sheltering windbreaks. It was almost complete before the rest of our team had arrived!


The Lions then proceeded to assist in setting up the tables, hanging flags and setting up tea & coffee facilities and refreshments for the attendees. Previously, one of the Lions had graciously taken delivery of the food and refrigerated it at home for us until it was needed, ensuring everything was fresh and delicious. They then handed out food to the guests at the close of the ceremony.


At the conclusion of the event, the ever-alert Lions again sprang into action and quickly and efficiently dismantled and packed away all of the equipment, displaying impressive teamwork skills and synchronicity.


In short, the Lions were fantastic. Had it not been for their generous support and good-natured energy, we certainly would have struggled to defy the weather and complete the set up for the sod-turning ceremony in time. With the Lions on our team, the inception of Encore Living Trafalgar was a rip-roaring success! For their tireless assistance, and for sparing our blushes, we’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to Greg Sephton and all of the Lions that helped us on the day. Trafalgar is fortunate to have these big-hearted heroes watching over their community, and I’m sure the residents of Encore Living Trafalgar will be glad to meet them when they move into their new homes later this year.


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