Lifestyle + affordable retirement – it’s now in your grasp. Have your cake and eat it too – quality homes and cash left in your pocket to enjoy your retirement.

If you’re thinking about affordable retirement and you’ve been wondering about the best quality places to retire in Victoria, it’s time to take a look at the new 55 plus lifestyle communities. They’re set to revolutionise affordable retirement forever.

There are a host of reasons why moving to a lifestyle community can be better for your bank balance as you grow older. Here are just a few:

  • Masterplanned designs = greater energy efficiency than ever before. New homes have 6-star energy efficiency, saving you heaps on utility bills. The community may buy in bulk, so you could save even more on phone, internet and electricity package discounts.
  • Low maintenance. We all love our homes but there’s no getting away from the fact that maintenance costs can be a bottomless pit. Not so in a lifestyle community, where external home repairs and common area gardening are organised and done for you (for a modest annual fee). Vetted local contractors do the work in a job lot, so they’re guaranteed to deliver the best price possible. That means you’re free to potter in your rear garden or just enjoy the pristine landscaping and manicured streetscapes without having to lift a finger – now that’s what retirement should be like!
  • Lower entry costs = more cash in your pocket. Entry costs into an over 55s lifestyle community are usually significantly less than if you were to buy a home in the same area. That adds up to a lot more disposable income to spend on getting the most out of your retirement. You could even retire early!
  •  Everything’s at your fingertips. You can leave the car at home when you live in a 55 plus lifestyle community, slashing your fuel and running costs. The centralised community spaces and facilities make socialising so easy, while all your fitness needs are taken care of with beautifully landscaped walking paths, group fitness classes, central health facilities and popular lifestyle locations nearby.

An Encore Living community is specifically designed to provide quality, bricks and mortar homes as an affordable alternative in the retirement living space.

Discover why more over 55s are opting to join lifestyle communities – and how they’re enjoying a more affordable retirement as a result.

Chat with our friendly team on 1800 ENCORE (1800 362 673) today.

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